Villanova University Pedestrian Bridge Project
Villanova, PA

Villanova Pedestrian Bridge

The purpose of this project was to create a safe walking path over Lancaster Avenue for students, professors, and visitors on the Villanova University campus in Chester County, PA.  Since it was anticipated  that  local  historical  groups  and  other  parties,  including  Radnor  Township,  would have  an  interest  in  the  project  and  its  potential  effects  on  historic  properties, Lotus conducted the following surveys and studies:

Archaeology and Above Ground Historic Structures

TThe Villanova University Campus Historic District was deemed eligible for listing in the NRHP in April 1995.  The Philadelphia and Western Railway was also determined eligible for listing in the NRHP in June 2004, as well as three other properties, including Lancaster Avenue.  Lotus was responsible for coordinating with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to obtain the necessary approvals to more forward with the pedestrian bridge.

Permitting and Environmental Clearance

Since the project was partially funded by Pennsylvania Transportation Infrastructure Investment Funds, Lotus prepared the Environmental Documentation, which included incorporating the results of the Threatened and Endangered Species and Historic Structures, Section 2002 and Archaeological investigations into the document.  We also completed  an  Environmental Due Diligence Form.

Also, in order to document the use of the Villanova Campus Historic District, Lotus was responsible for preparing the Section 2002 No Adverse Use Form. The form included copies of above ground historic property   documentation and coordination with BHP and interested parties, as well as photographs and maps as appropriate.