July 24, 2018: WTS Event: Women Business Owners Panel: Things I Wish I Knew Before Owning My Own Business


WTS Philadelphia held a Women-Owned Business Panel Wednesday at McCormick Taylor. It was a joint event between the WTS Professional Development Committee and the Executive Women’s Roundtable. Lotus President and founder Katherine Farrow and four other entrepreneurs gave advice and answered attendees’ questions about starting their own firms and businesses.  WTS is an international organization dedicated to supporting the advancement of women in transportation professions, and the Philadelphia chapter holds various events for professional development, networking, and recognition each year.

Held Wednesday at McCormick Taylor in Center City Philadelphia and moderated by Allie Slizofski, PE, PTOE, Principal of Drive Engineering, WTS held a discussion panel for local women business owners to shed light on those hoping to start their own business.  

The speakers at the event included the following:

•    Katherine Farrow, President and founder of Lotus Environmental Consulting, LLC
•    Charnelle Hicks, Principal and founder of CHPlanning Ltd.
•    Holly Rybinski, Principal Engineer and founder of Rybinski Engineering
•    Carrie Streahle, President of PROMATECH, Inc.
•    Janet Cunningham, President and founder of JBC Associates, Inc.

For the discussion, attendees were asked at random to hold signs up with each topic for the panelists to answer and discuss.  The categories were Human Resources, Marketing, Start Up, Operations, and Work/Life Balance.  Each of the speakers offered great advice and shared stories from their personal journeys in starting out on their own.  

In 2009, Katherine Farrow started Lotus Environmental Consulting, LLC in response to a growing need for a highly qualified and responsive woman-owned business in the Pennsylvania market.  Providing quality work on-time and within budget has been a top priority for her throughout her career.  Instilling these goals into the fabric of Lotus has led to the success the firm has enjoyed to date.