Katherine Farrow



Ms. Farrow is the owner and president of Lotus Environmental Consulting.  Ms. Farrow has over 30 years of experience in policy development, NEPA, permitting and public outreach for public infrastructure projects.  Ms. Farrow is responsible for overseeing all environmental investigations for Lotus.  Her specialties include the NEPA/Section 4(f)/6(f) evaluations, transportation needs assessments, environmental justice, agricultural resource investigations, and agency and public involvement.  

Ms. Farrow started Lotus Environmental in response to a growing need for a highly qualified and responsive woman-owned business in the Pennsylvania market.  Providing quality work on-time and within budget has been a top priority for Ms. Farrow throughout her career.  Instilling these goals into the fabric of Lotus has led to the success the firm has enjoyed to date.

Ben Reiman



Mr. Reiman is a Project Manager with 22 years of environmental science/planning experience. Mr. Reiman has a broad knowledge of the environmental and socioeconomic evaluations conducted for major transportation projects. Mr. Reiman has assisted in the preparation of documentation for Alternative Analyses, Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), scoping field view, and Categorical Exclusion Evaluations (CEEs)/Bridge and Roadway Programmatic Agreements (BRPAs). He has conducted general NEPA investigations as well as identification and delineation of wetlands, wetland mitigation, threatened & endangered species habitat surveys, bog turtle habitat assessments, sensitive waste site evaluations, agricultural land surveys, land use, and parks and recreation facilities. Mr. Reiman has worked in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware. 

Marcia Kodlick



Ms. Kodlick is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) with 31 years of experience as a consultant in cultural resource management. She has served clients in both public and private sectors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. She specializes in the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Section 106 and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance issues. Ms. Kodlick has extensive experience in public, agency, and tribal coordination, and in the design, implementation, and management of Phase I Identification Surveys, Phase II Significance Evaluations, and Phase III Data Recovery excavations for archaeological investigations. She is also experienced in authoring and reviewing Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Assessments (EAs), Categorical Exclusion Evaluations (CEEs), and resource specific research and documentation.

Margaret Parker


Ms. Parker is a Senior Architectural Historian with over 25 years of experience who oversees cultural resources investigations in accordance with NHPA, Section 106, and NEPA requirements. Ms. Parker meets the Secretary of the Interior’s qualifications (36 CFR Part 61) for Architectural History.  She has expertise in the documentation and analysis of historic properties, including rural, urban, industrial, agricultural and transportation resources, as well as historic and cultural landscapes. Additional responsibilities include coordination with state and federal agencies, and completion of project reports, environmental documents, Section 106 public involvement plans, and Section 4(f) evaluations. Ms. Parker has worked closely with project engineers and scientists to undertake cultural resources studies as part of the larger environmental (NEPA) studies and then to integrate the results of the studies into the appropriate NEPA documentation.